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Northwest Innovation Works LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, contracted Life Cycle Associates to write their court-mandated Draft Supplemental EIS for their proposed fracked gas to methanol refinery in Kalama. Not surprisingly, they got just what they paid for and just what they wanted. 

The resulting document is a blatant, unmitigated greenwashing of the climate effects of the proposed refinery. Under reporting the greenhouse gasses and the effects of methane on the environment. Even going so far as to claim that building the Kalama refinery would result in a net reduction of global greenhouse gases by displacing other methanol facilities. No evidence or guarantees were provided to support this conclusion, just assumptions and speculation. NWIW has no control over the end use of its product. This DSEIS is ludicrous in its failure to provide concrete evidence to support its assumptions and conclusions. It can be used only as a ploy to sway public opinion in their favor, which has been the intent all along.

John Flynn


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