The reduction in global warming does not help whether methanol it is produced in Kalama or in China.

If we are really serious about global warming, we will stop importing things that use methanol in manufacturing, including windmill blades that are made of resins and plastics.

The other high coal, natural and high energy consuming products are steel, Portland cement and aluminum. Reduction of aluminum uses tremendous amounts of electricity. The Pacific Northwest used to have seven aluminum plants, including one in Longview. Now there is only one. The United States imports most of its aluminum supply and a good share of its steel and Portland cement. If we import these products, then we don't contribute to global warming?

Probably our biggest contribution to global warming is automobiles. We should shut down most automobile production and even electric automobile production as long as about 40% of U.S. electricity is produced with fossil fuels.

We still have a coal-fired along with natural gas electric plants in the state of Washington. If we cut down on automobiles, we would not need another Vancouver-Portland bridge or more lanes on Interstate 5.

Kelly C. Niemi


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