It's silly how panicked Republicans are over the New Green Deal resolution. Nobody is going to get rid of cows or hamburger. Many cattle ranchers are already working on better diets which produces less pollution from cows' gas. Nobody is going to get rid of trains or planes, anymore than cars were eliminated when car companies started producing cars which pollute less. This is a Republican pattern. To panic their fellow Republicans over every bill Democrats want to pass, by spreading ridiculous nonsense. Such as when Republicans falsely claimed Obamacare had death panels for the elderly. Republicans call Democrats socialists because they support Social Security and Medicare while Republicans support social programs for the wealthy such as large tax cuts for the rich. Republican Sen. McConnell recently said he will cut trillions from Medicare to pay for the tax cut for the wealthy. Trump promised not to cut Medicare, but his 2020 budget cuts Medicare over $8 billion to pay for his wall. It's surprising how many naive people there are who believe every bit of propaganda they hear.

K.D. Slade


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