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The Northwest Innovation Works methanol refinery proposal is now open for public input. It should be; considering the release of two climate change reports that fundamentally state the gases this plant will create are the number one and two causes of rising global temperatures; CO2 and methane (gas). NWIW claims that when China closes their coal plants, this will offset the pollution this refinery will create. NWIW cannot control China. This statement is not part of this project.

On the contrary, this proposal will admittedly emit more than one million tons of GHG (greenhouse gas) in our local air annually. The GHG emissions are over 2.9 million tons or more annually when looked at from beginning (fracking) to end use (plastic or fuel?)

Attend the Dec. 13 public hearing at the Expo Center.

If we are to survive we must adapt to changes to promote renewables with healthy, long-term jobs.

NWIW does not offer that.

Attend, speak your mind. Make a difference.

This project has not been given permits to construct this boondoggle. So what contract is NWIW signing?

Gary Wallace


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