My wife and I just moved away from Longview after 49 years.

We were very active in the Longview School District. We both were substitute teachers. She volunteered in classrooms. I walked the halls at R.A. Long in the mornings. I announced sporting events.

We were really sad to see that the Longview school ballot issue was defeated. Why? These schools need to rebuilt. And other schools need repaired (heating and air conditioning).

I have taught at R.A. Long and all three middle schools. It is either too cold or too hot. Teachers should not have to teach in this environment nor should students have to attend classes in this environment.

Also, we are the only district without turf. Turf would allow more sporting events at the stadium. We could host playoff games.

I am so ashamed of the citizens of Longview. We need to provide for our students. How can teachers teach and students learn in run down schools? Please, Longview, think of these students.

Elden Alexander

Lakewood, Wash.

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