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I'm not sure whether our president doesn't understand the law or just chooses to ignore it when he tweets opinions and advice to parties involved in legal proceedings. Recently George Conway, the lawyer husband of his top adviser, listed the statutes our president had apparently violated when he chimed in on the cases of Roger Stone and Michael Cohen. This should concern Trump supporters as much as anyone. The laws against witness tampering and obstruction of justice were designed to ensure just outcomes in criminal procedures.

The president might maintain that he cannot fall under the jurisdiction of these laws, but who believes he has the right to engage in these practices just to save his own tuchus, and the heck with the implications for the public order? Would everyone approve if he decided to take up shoplifting? Or carjacking? There's obviously some limits on what's O.K. for him to do. People had better start to think about what these should be, and perhaps get ready to put some pressure on Congress to invoke them.

Richard Beck


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