It was a windy day when my dog Teddy and I took a kayak ride along the shore of Kalama. We passed the sternwheeler dock, then the waterfront park packed with fishermen, and on by the marina. A train whistle signaled a long coal train was passing through. Sights and sounds of a Kalama morning.

We cruised around the steelyard, then pulled up on shore at the sandbar. There my kayak trip turned ugly. I found several dead birds, fish, and hundreds of small clams, all victims of an oil spill. On this very sandbar they are talking about building a methanol refinery. No way! The Columbia is already being poisoned by pollution. The last thing we need is a methanol plant killing more fish and wildlife. After seeing the fish kill, Teddy and I headed home.

In my opinion, the public does not realize the damage caused by oil spills and chemical pollution. We have to stop this threat from destroying our river, and maybe Kalama itself. Send the methanol bandits back to China!

Rolf Knapp


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