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I believe the Toledo High School is an adequate structure intended for education of grades 9-12. The building is a sparkling example of architecture, withstanding the test of time, while continuing to provide service and stature to our community. It proudly stands along SR505 west of Toledo.

Visitors marvel at its campus like appearance.

Today, the school’s future is in jeopardy due to efforts by it’s administrators and local zealots, who continue to belittle the building of it's integrity and capability.

All based upon reckless claims (due to it’s old age of 40+ years), the school no longer continues to provide students with a safe, up to date educational environment and should be demolished. These claims are not true, and are unwarranted.

The cons of its condition have grown, beginning with an unrepairable clogged water fountain (fixed), to leaking roofs, leaking window frames, leaking dirty science room faucets, minor cracks in the concrete floor and more. Dramatics of these maintenance issues have gone viral. The building is not in dire need of being replaced. It needs to be fixed. Upgrades can be applied over time at significantly lower costs than the suggested $25 million bond currently being sought.

The Toledo School District has the ability to get things done using existing school cash reserves and proposed Operation & Maintenance Levy money gleaned from local taxpayers year after year. 

Alfred Carlson


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