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It seems that the majority of the public do not know what the legal and governments definition of an assault rifle is. The legal definition is (as defined by the Federal Government) contains the following;

” An assault rifle is capable of fully automatic fire — a machine gun.

Fact; Fully automatic firearms have been severely restricted from civilian ownership since 1923.

The public news media and pundits against “assault rifles” including the originators of the latest gun control bill need to educate themselves and the public at large as to what an assault rifle is. The bill that was passed describes just about all semi auto rifles, including a youth's 22 rifle. This widespread misconception when used by individuals, groups and government officials who craft legislation are quite often ignorant of the thing they legislate as in the latest gun control bill. In the future I can only hope that we the public do not vote out of ignorance on any issue.

James Dennis Langham


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