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Letters to the Editor

Is this progress?

The iconic Masthead Restaurant is gone. It was much beloved by the community who celebrated many a milestone there. It was started by local people, purchased supplies and equipment locally, changed according to local interests, and hired local workers. Now we will get a Carl’s Jr, where we can all buy a burger just like we can get anywhere in the country, and even in many foreign countries. They will probably hire local staff, but likely not much of the management. They will have their franchised food supply brought in. And they will cater (or not) to the local interests as much as any multi-national corporation will pay attention to Cowlitz County.

Is this progress? Is this an improvement?

Secondly, we just had an election. About one-third of Cowlitz County voters participated. That means that two-thirds of the local voters have no right to complain about local politics.

Larry Turner


Thanks for support

I want to thank all the people who supported me in the election for the Kelso School Board. A special thanks to the folks who were kind enough to display a sign in their yard; an extra special thanks to those who took the time to write a letter of support to The Daily News and my heartfelt gratitude to Jerry Hamm and Bob Gustin for all their help.

Howard Sharples


Doing business

I think it’s pretty good that some businesses around think just because you’re different or they don’t like someone, they will make something up or just flat-out lie just so they can ban you from their place of business.

I call that discrimination, which should be illegal, and they don’t take what you have to say either. And they don’t believe you, even if you’re right.

Kent Disney


Endangered species

The world seems to be full of racism and sexual harassment. Our politicians and the media seem to think they are gods. We can add terrorists and religious fanatics to this, as we seem to be headed backwards into the dark ages. The human beings that are left become a minority. In the animal world we call this an endangered species. This ideology must stop before it becomes too late.

Mark Lengyel


Vietnam vet speaks

I used to love watching NFL / AFL football games regularly on TV. Not any more. I cannot and will not support any organization that will allow its players or coaches to refuse to remove their helmets and stand with their hands over their heart when our country’s national anthem is being played or sung. That is wrong.

I am a three-tour Vietnam veteran. My father fought for our country in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II, was shot next to his heart, grenaded, almost killed, spent five months in the hospital recovering and had two nervous breakdowns that were due to shell shock. He lost his only brother who was a gunney aboard the USS Indianapolis, CA 35, a heavy cruiser that delivered the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.

What some of the players and coaches are doing is so disrespectful! It’s like they’re saying, “So what, it’s no big deal. It doesn’t matter.” Well, it matters to me, and to all those who have given and are giving so much to keep our country safe and free.

Those who refuse to honor our national anthem are not worthy to be an American. They haven’t earned it. Those so-called professional football players and coaches who are involved in what they are doing should be forced to leave our country. They need to be sent to some place like North Korea. Maybe then they’ll appreciate America.

I speak for myself, my father, my uncle and many more Americans who feel the way we do.

Denny Whalen

Castle Rock

Online shopping

Consider whether you will save more money with an online purchase this Christmas as opposed to paying higher real estate taxes when the Three Rivers Mall closes down. The food court is empty and the end near Macy’s is almost empty. The mall has many community events, the library, a gym, Penneys with name brands like Nike, Liz Claiborne, etc. There are beauty shops and an outdoors store, the movie theatre, a train club exhibit, art exhibits, and about six shops for kids not to mention the surrounding stores and restaurants.

Leigh McKeirnan


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