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I’ve always thought that someone who is interested is interesting, so, when I met Carolyn Long, I was very excited to know that she is running to represent Southwest Washington in Congress this fall. Carolyn listens. She wants to hear what one has to say, and if she has another opinion, she works to find common ground and understanding so people who were once adversaries can work together. That is a great strength and needed in the divided U.S. Congress today.

She was raised in a rural community working at the age of 12 at her father’s small business, John’s Fresh Produce. The margins were slim and working at the store taught Carolyn the value of hard work, the importance of community, and the joys and difficulties of operating a small business.

As a 22-year veteran at Washington State University-Vancouver as a political science professor, she uses her professorship to work in Southwest Washington to help opposing groups with collaborative problem-solving. We need her! The country needs her! Vote for Carolyn Long!

Sue Hinshaw


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