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Letters to the Editor

Inspiring leader

Experience and drive is what will make Dianne Quast an exceptional candidate for the Longview City Council. Her outside work history and experiences will give our council a fresh look on current and future issues.

Dianne sees every interaction with citizens as an opportunity to learn about our community’s needs and values. I am confident that she will use those experiences to positively influence the city’s goals, plans, and policies.

The importance that she places on our youth is inspiring and necessary when attempting to move our community into the future.

I encourage all voters in Longview to help shape our city’s potential growth by electing Dianne Quast to the city council.

Kacy Clark


Heart of the community

I have been seeing signs around the county about voting “yes” for a YMCA Pool (Bond Measure 1). I looked at the plans briefly. I am not super-involved, and I was not too interested honestly. But, my son was asked to go help set up signs with an older gentleman. I allowed him to go. He came back with exclamations of how he helped put up these pool signs. As I heard him tell me these things, I thought that the idea of a YMCA is in the heart of the community already. Just this example is enough for me to say, “Yes, we want a pool at a YMCA for Woodland!” You see, my son is 9 years old, he has many siblings, he is energetic, and I know that he will be blessed by this. And not only him, but of course his siblings will be blessed. And if they are blessed, then there will be many other children who will be blessed from this as well. I know that many of you readers will agree with me that we need more positive influences in our children’s lives. There is enough negative going on, let’s vote for positive, vote “yes” for Bond Measure 1!

Elizabeth Mattila


Best advice?

Is “vote your conscience” really the best advice TDN can offer regarding the Longview school bond measure to replace three aging elementary schools and upgrade another? These improvements are based on the report of a citizens’ advisory committee. The schools don’t meet the needs and expectations of our current educational system. The editorial says that this bond would create a hardship for senior citizens. There has been clear, understandable coverage that if the measure is passed, future property tax rates will be lower than today’s. Every generation faces necessary bonds to make schools successful centers of learning. That is an on-going responsibility of involved citizenship.Realtors often use “poor schools” as a reason for buyers to look elsewhere for homes. Some local business leaders have said (incorrectly) that Longview schools don’t provide the graduates they need. We must continue to support our students with learning environments that allow all children in our city to learn and thrive. The Daily News editors should re-examine their own consciences and get on board in support of this vital bond measure.

Robert Sudar


Dirty work

Maybe Mr. Van Curen (TDN letters, Oct. 15) should have a lump of coal in this year’s Christmas stocking for comparing a made-up atmospheric condition to the death of a child.

Hi co-worker is absolutely correct in saying the constituent who votes for the executioner is him/herself guilty of the ending of those lives at the abortion clinics.

Getting someone else to do your dirty work seems so convenient, doesn’t it, sir?

Michael E. Harkcom


Food for the soul

Quoting Dr. Charles Stanley: “The question is not do we have eternal life; the question is, where will we spend it?”

Eternity is way too long to be on the wrong side of it!

Jesus offers us life with a capital L!

Ken and Peggy Bayles