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Letters to the Editor

Industry vs. clean living

I am a newcomer to your wonderful community and all I am hearing from one side is, "Think of the jobs!" Then the other side, "Can't live and breathe if you don't have clean air and water!" I ask, will it matter then if you don't have a job? Why do some citizens of Longview think it is their inalienable right to twist our arms for the end product to go to China? What happens to your property when Longview becomes so toxic that everyone moves out or is wearing gas masks?

Fifty to 75 years ago or more, big belching plants were considered OK to the environment, now let's think about all the abandoned plants we are now forced to clean up when that "great company" sold us the sun, moon and stars about jobs. Will our children and grandchildren have to clean up after Millennium makes their money and flies the coop, too? I'd just like to say "follow the money!"

N.A. McDonald


Check's in the mail

Dear local leaders: As soon as I get my $2,500 a year savings that Mr. Obama promised for Obamacare in 2010, I'll vote for your new schools and police stations. That would amount to $17,500 so far. I'll forward you the check when it comes in.

Chris Fry


Demand for drivers

The Disabled American Veterans of Cowlitz County needs volunteer van drivers. Thanks to a generous and very caring contribution by Ken Spring, DAV was able to air public service announcements asking those who appreciate, respect and care about our Disabled Veterans to step forward and volunteer as a van driver. Thank you, Mr. Spring.

Now we're asking you to give a few hours a month to help those who have given so much. To volunteer, call 360-423-3125. They came when the nation called. Will you?

Jim Hill


Rules of the road

In response to M.L. Colburn Sr.'s letter on Nov. 2, the WSP's propaganda on the law for semi-trucks is not correct and, yes, some legal action should be taken. The semi-trucks in Washington may only use the center lane while passing. If Colburn would go back to my Oct. 21 letter to TDN – "Hard Copy." There appears to not be a book on the laws that the WSP enforces, only the internet or what the WSP person has memorized, so we have to take the (unknowledgeable) word of the WSP. Maybe TDN could put an investigative reporter on our problem?

The semi-trucks in the center lane of I-5 are a terrible hazard in the rain. The spray from their tires covers both inner and outer lane, blocking visibility to pass on either side; a great hazard. Certainly their driving over the 60 mph speed limit should also be of concern to the WSP, but it doesn't seem to be.

I realize it is difficult, but when questioning or stopped by any officer of the law, we must document his name, badge number and ask for a business card. It should be a written law that a law officer carry business cards and provide one at all times. I had an immigration officer stop me one time, said he was not going to write a violation. As he left, I asked him for his business card. He then wrote me a violation, which was only a warning but still? As one U.S. president said something like, "Get ready for the New World Order"; 1984 was last year.

David Westerlund


Dust buster

Those coal trains have been going through Kelso for at least 10 years or more. There is no coal dust at the Kelso train depot, i have checked it out and I did not see any. So you folks that are against these trains need to stop lying about it and stop putting the fear into people's lives about the coal dust issue.

Ray Van Tongeren