Andre Stepankowsky’s recent column (The Daily News, Dec. 1) on how his grandfather might respond to the “Ukraine affair” shows he either doesn’t follow his own advice or is woefully ill informed, possibly both.

In his earlier column from Oct. 1, Stepankowsky bemoaned “extreme partisanship and blind loyalty to party,” and assured us there “was no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe or Hunter Biden” based on the word of Ukraine’s prosecutor general.

Today he ignores the Ukraine president’s word that release of military aid was not tied to any investigation. Stepankowsky is adamant that Trump did tie them together, no matter that the military aid was released without an investigation. (Blind party loyalty?) I wonder what Stepankowsky's grandfather would have thought when Russia invaded the Ukraine and annexed Crimea while Obama refused to send military aid and instead sent humanitarian aid (blankets).

If Joe Biden “did nothing wrong” as Stepankowsky claimed in October, then what would be achieved by investigating him? On the other hand, if the Ukraine interfered in our 2016 election as their court did rule, maybe we should all want an investigation.

Bob Myers


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