Some years ago there was a letter writer who claimed that climate change was a hoax and that the petroleum industry neither polluted nor manufactured a product that polluted. He supported his claims with statistics from questionable sources that were usually pro-Big Oil propaganda. Eventually it emerged that this letter writer was a long-term employee of the petroleum industry and a mercenary shill acting as a deceptive mouthpiece.

He's back.

Now he'd like you to believe that 80-90 percent of the homeless are druggies who are voluntarily homeless rather than give up their addiction. Please ignore this person's erroneous statistics and talk to the homeless yourself. Don't be afraid — homelessness is not contagious. You'll find that few of the homeless are addicts but many are on fixed incomes or have otherwise been priced out of the housing market by greedy landlords. There are a sad number of children in this situation, which makes these circumstances even more egregious. Demonizing all the homeless as substance abuser is not only the most fake of fake news but also the justification that the cynical and self-centered use for their lack of empathy and callous exploitation of the defenseless.

Lan Hebert


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