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For starters, I have a question for the President's "staunch" Republican supporters:

Why are many of you are echoing the progressive line that President Trump "caved" or "buckled?"

Emphasize the main reason, possibly for only a limited time, that the restoration of full services and pay (including to our USCG) is due primarily, if not totally, to Trump's "surrender." The Progressive Democrat Party, as they so loudly proclaim and celebrate, gave him nothing and gave up nothing.

If Democrats absolutely "hold that line" in the current legislative discussions, against all options presented to them, it could reasonably be argued to true independently-minded voters that continuous progressive intractability — their version of "good faith" negotiation — would be more than just a presumptive cause of a potential resumption of the government stoppage.

In politics, remaining as constant in position as the North Star in the heavens can be ill-fated, especially if it's: "No-no!" For the moment, "Pelosi's Polaris", her ego, guides progressives.

Richard McCaine


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