Letters: Hold the line

Letters: Hold the line


My wife is a heart failure patient and our family has followed the rules to the best of our ability to secure her safety and that of our family and friends.

Today (March 19) we contacted the Kaiser pharmacy to see if they could hold my medications, which have been ready to be picked up, until my wife's meds were done. My wife explained she is in heart failure and we are trying to limit the amount of exposure we have, especially at a medical facility. The answer from the pharmacy was a flat "no" and we were advised they are putting my medications back on the shelf if we do not come in today.

I encourage The Daily News to give Kaiser a free subscription to the paper, they need to get a clue regarding community responsibility. Kaiser pharmacy gets a D- from a family trying to protect a vulnerable person.

A little cooperation and forward thinking and they protect their staff and community from unnecessary exposure.

Thank you to those staff holding the line.

Randy Teig


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