Recently, you printed a letter from Judy Bain, our longtime exercise instructor, thanking us for all the years we spent together and announcing her retirement. I don't think there is enough space here to thank her for all she gave to this community. From Aerobics with a Smile to Youth & Family Link, Judy tirelessly led us on to healthier and stronger lives. There were days we were so sore we couldn't go upstairs and coming back down was even more painful. A joke at work was someone calling in sick to work mumbling something about Judy Bain, causing our HR person to warn us that Judy Bain was not a valid excuse for missing work! Whenever I take walks now, I can hear her voice in my head, "Shoulders back, heads up, eyes on the horizon!" She knew all of our names and, when we were strong, she challenged us to be stronger, and when we were weak, she encouraged us to press on. We thank you, Judy, for a job well done. 

Shoulders back, heads up and hats off to you, our friend and mentor. May God bless you richly in your retirement.

Roberta Rupe


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