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Letters to the Editor

Harvest knowledge

The Longview School District Facility Advisory Committee, extremely carefully, considered in a lengthy, deliberating process, what next steps needed to be taken to improve our school buildings. It was not “poor planning as the last school board proposal,” a quote recently in a letter to the editor.

This Facility Advisory Committee studied our district’s needs for over two years before they came together with recommendations for our schools most urgent needs.

“Small steps,” as the writer promoted, were taken over the past years when we went through the great recession, to try to keep our students, our teachers, and our schools functioning. Now our steps as a community need to be strong and moving forward to gain the pace our schools need.

The study and deliberation, which went into their recommendation, should be considered of value.

Our community can be grateful for these fellow citizens who volunteered their time and study for the improvement and quality of our schools. To question or disparage their deliberations, without having done their study for over two years, should at least require one to have to listen to the wisdom with which they came to their conclusions. At least ask some sincere questions to gain some insights.

There is so much “knowledge” that can be harvested in the committee’s report to the board, readily available on the district and bond issue websites.

Sue Nickerson


Support Karnofski

As my final term on Kelso City Council winds down I’d like to leave with a recommendation for Mike Karnofski to the Kelso City Council.

I’ve known Mike since I was in the seventh grade and worked with him throughout our working careers. In that period there were several times we were on opposing sides on some issues, but I always appreciated his honesty and forthright explanations.

He has a recognized and respected background on economic development leadership in the region. That background and the regional contacts he made as a Cowlitz County commissioner will benefit the citizens of Kelso from his very first day as a member of the Kelso council.

I urge you to make your vote for Mike for the benefit of us all.

Rick Roberson


Vote for Rosewood

I urge Longview voters to vote for Amber Rosewood who is running for Position 7 for city council. Rarely does a candidate come so well-prepared. Amber’s experience in leadership, budgeting and community outreach will serve Longview well. She is committed to better community through economic development and family wage jobs. She is willing to think outside the box for the betterment of all citizens.

Amber is passionate and hard-working. She listens carefully, considers all options and will make decisions that are good for all of Longview. Vote for Amber Rosewood. She will serve Longview well.

Dawn Dreier


What would Jesus do?

On Oct. 13, Donald Trump cut off subsidies to insurance companies, making it financially impossible for the poor to afford health insurance.

That is exactly what Jesus wanted him to do. Jesus said, “The rich and the brash shall inherit the Earth.”

L.S. Wagle


Employer hired

An employer hires an employee.

Employee comes to work and on employer’s time and premises, makes a scene such that the employer loses customers.

Employer does not fire or even send home the wayward employee to reconsider their ill-advised actions. Employer does nothing.

Of course, this happens in a make-believe world.

No employer in the real world would let this happen!

Howard C. Nagle