Hard working

Let’s assume all city employees are hard-working, efficient, ethical and dedicated to doing their best. If you make that call, it is no less appropriate to assume Mike Wallin is hard-working, efficient, ethical and dedicated to doing his best.

The headline and tone of Lundy’s story was biased and seemed prompted by political opponents to Mike Wallin. What is wrong with a council member questioning staff? Are people elected to merely be “yes” men and women?

Don’t we elect representatives to watch-dog government operations and spending?

Who is in a better position to observe city administration and voice citizen concerns?

It is a blessing we have neighbors willing to serve in that capacity.

When elected representatives care too much about being everybody’s friend, who do you think runs the government? If our Constitution envisioned government run by an un-elected bureaucracy, we would not need elections at all.

Mr. Wallin’s opponent is a champion for city staff; not the rest of us. We are fortunate to have an active council and those serving deserve our respect.

Vince Penta


Another war

Once again we have an American president marching us to war. We are fighting in seven countries at present. It appears that the only lesson we learned from Vietnam was to control how it’s reported by the media. Looking back over history, I have little faith that Congress will reign this in. The largest anti-war protests in our country’s history were before the Iraq war and obviously that didn’t work. Our commander-in-chief ran as an isolationist but that promise is gone. I have no idea how to stop this madness. Why we cannot support our troops by bringing them home is a mystery to me.

Landis Potts


Love ‘em or hate ‘em

“They (fireworks) will remain legal from June 28 to July 5.” This sentence comes from a TDN article in 2017. I started hearing the booms a week ago. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we have laws about fireworks that are impossible to enforce and are not complied with.

Speaking to that, if the signs are available, would it be too much to ask for portable construction signs to be placed on every freeway entrance arterial into Longview / Kelso with that date info? (And maybe one the corner of Seventh Avenue and Douglas for me.) “Fireworks legal from June 28 to July 5 only.”

Burn ban vs. legal consumer fireworks, now there is some contrary legislation.

Mark A. Johnson


Driving force

I would vote to re-elect Mary Putka to Kalama City Council if I could. There are many reasons I support Mary.

A dozen years ago, Mary helped launch Envision Kalama and became the driving force behind the trees along First Street and the library renovation following the flood of 2015, to name only a couple. As a city council member, she is informed, thoughtful, and willing to listen. She has worked to bring the city a new police station. Since her father was a Republican and her mother a Democrat, Mary avoids partisan politics, instead seeking solutions that best serve Kalama’s citizens.

Because we recently moved to Oregon, I’m no longer eligible to vote for Mary, but I consider her the ideal city council member. I’m grateful for her dedication and professionalism during our years in Kalama.

Daniel Roberts

Lake Oswego, Oregon

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