Hard working

Let’s assume all city employees are hard-working, efficient, ethical and dedicated to doing their best. If you make that call, it is no less appropriate to assume Mike Wallin is hard-working, efficient, ethical and dedicated to doing his best.

The headline and tone of Lundy’s story was biased and seemed prompted by political opponents to Mike Wallin. What is wrong with a council member questioning staff? Are people elected to merely be “yes” men and women?

Don’t we elect representatives to watch-dog government operations and spending?

Who is in a better position to observe city administration and voice citizen concerns?

It is a blessing we have neighbors willing to serve in that capacity.

When elected representatives care too much about being everybody’s friend, who do you think runs the government? If our Constitution envisioned government run by an un-elected bureaucracy, we would not need elections at all.

Mr. Wallin’s opponent is a champion for city staff; not the rest of us. We are fortunate to have an active council and those serving deserve our respect.

Vince Penta


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