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Letters: Hands off

Letters: Hands off


Last Thursday (Sept. 10) I placed a Biden/Harris sign in my front yard. The next morning I went outside and it was gone. I was furious.

My neighbor down the street has had multiple Trump signs stolen. I am heart-broken. What has happened to us as a democratic country?

The United States of America was founded on the principle of government by the vote of the people. My neighbor and I are exercising our right to display our preference in a non-violent, democratic way. These people who are stealing signs -- what kind of government do they want--an autocratic one? Do they want some person to be placed in power without a vote of the people? That seems to me to be the message that political sign-stealing gives. I may have a preference for a political candidate and it may be different from yours, but what I care more about is that you vote. Please do so in November.

Karen Pickett


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