If you believe the methanol refinery to be built in Kalama is environmentally friendly or safe, remember the 1989 mass devastation of Loma Prieta fault in California. County and state agencies were well ahead of safety standards at that time and yet, millions of dollars later (over a billion in today’s dollars), liquefaction caused mass destruction to surrounding buildings, collapsing freeways, and many lives lost. Can we, as knowledgeable individuals, truly create pillars that will withstand the forces of the earth? It’s been shown recently how fragile man-made structures are. The developer of the methanol refinery is seeking a roughly $2 billion loan guarantee from U.S. taxpayers. So, we guarantee a bail out of this risky business and have the mess to clean up when there is a catastrophe in our beautiful little town. Stop the madness. Washingtonians are counting on the Department of Ecology to reject the company’s false claims and protect our shorelines/climate from the massive fracked gas project in Kalama.

Nancy Lynch


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