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I wholly agree with the editorial by Dave Van Curen, which appeared in the  Jan. 8 issue of The Daily News. I would like to respond with some observations of my own.

Trump's rollbacks are destroying our environment. His opening up vast areas of Alaska for oil drilling will hasten the extinction of many already endangered species.

How he treats our legal Hispanic citizens is simply disgusting. How he treats all immigrants falls into the same category. The way he treats Democrats and our intelligence community is reprehensible. His treatment of most of our allies is horrible. He second guesses our military and treats our generals with no respect. And let's not forget how he treats our foes or enemies — Putin, Kim and his prince-buddy in Saudi Arabia. He praises them and idolizes them.

How the Republicans cannot stand tall and call him on his bull is astounding. Thank God the Democrats have taken control of the House, and they can check his power for the next two years. He and he alone is the cause of the government shutdown. He cares only for himself and maybe his family, if it suits his agenda. He is a divider who shows no empathy for others. 

If he somehow manages to avoid impeachment, that alone would be a huge travesty. I don't believe that our country or the rest of the world can survive much more of his foolishness.

Those of you who agree with his policies have every right to do so. Those of us who don't believe that his presidency is constructive or positive have the same right to speak out. That is what makes the United States the greatest country on the planet.

JoAna Down-Scott


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