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Herrera Beutler recently voted in support of Trump’s multi-billion dollar boondoggle, the border wall. The taxpayer money that would be wasted on this wall would not benefit our region in any way. With the amount of taxpayer dollars that the wall would require, we could build a new bridge between Vancouver and Portland. We could fund a retraining program so people can get higher wage jobs, or a program to pay for college for those who can’t afford it, or a salmon recovery program, or for housing the homeless. Instead, Herrera Beutler would see the money sunk into a wall. People and drugs could still come into the country illegally by boat, plane or even tunnels, and the wall would not stop them.

Tax cuts for the rich are already increasing the national debt exponentially. Adding the cost of a useless wall would only increase that debt. This is the worst kind of government waste. I would expect better from a representative of Southwest Washington, but I won’t be getting it from JHB.

Nancy Zahn


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