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Letters to the Editor

Good work

I would like to give a “Thank You” to the city works people who put out a small fire caused by a tossed cigarette that was burning at Gearhart Gardens dog park on Monday afternoon. While I had been there alone with my dog for an hour and thought I smelled something burning, I never looked for the cause. In this dry weather, I am ashamed of myself. It could have been much worse. Thank you to be men with their weed whackers.

Laura Di Bella


Taken for a ride

I would like to know what the average number of riders is on each bus in the city bus system. Every time I see one of these large buses, there are only about three to five riders at any given time. Seems to me that the very large buses should be replaced with much smaller ones that would be more cost effective to operate and sell the large ones. Someone must keep the number of riders tabulated somewhere. Oh, and about our county dump, it already paid for the new jail years back and now someone wants you to sell it? That entity wants to reap the profits and let that money flow into their pockets and not ours. I say keep it until it no longer pays its own way. If the commissioners sell it, then they have to go with it!

Bill White


Taking names

Many, many years ago, Patrick Lynch and his family donated many acres of land so a school could be built, and it was and it was named for the family.

Now the Centennial School District, which lies between Portland and Gresham in Oregon, changed the name because “lynch” is a bad word.

So Merill Lynch, Marshawn Lynch, Dave Lynch and 950,000 other people named Lynch have to change their names too.

Come on now, hop to it!

Inga Olson


Path of leash


Kudos to The Daily News for recommending in last Saturday’s paper that Longview’s elected politicians give serious consideration to a leash law. It may interest your readers to know that soon after I moved to Longview a dozen years ago, I wrote to the city council urging them to adopt a leash law. But they were more concerned about the psychological damage done to a dog having to wear a leash than the possibility of a person being attacked and mauled by an unleashed dog. I am not kidding. One councilman stated that he would not support a leash law in the absence of a city park where dogs could run free. Better to let them run free all over the city. So the council refused to take a relatively simple step to provide for the health and safety of vulnerable pedestrians. One hopes that the current city council will use better judgment. I have seen many dogs with leashes around their necks, and they do not appear to be in need of canine psychotherapy, much less institutionalization.

Greg Donges


Lost hat

Last Memorial Day, I attended three memorials and two restaurants, all while wearing my Korea veterans baseball hat. It has three medallions from the people’s government of Korea, honoring my service, along with my U.S. Army ribbons and pins. Some are not replaceable.

I mistakenly left my hat at one of these places. If someone has it, you may call me at 360-425-9615.

Bob Templeton Longview