Mark Smith’s recent attack on Columbia Riverkeeper is full of absurd accusations. No, Riverkeeper is not out to destroy or impede. No, they have not hired marketers to put out fake news at $100 per day. No, they are not preventing economic development. And, no, they are not responsible for destroying the salmon population and bringing in sea lions. How laughable!

Officials in Cowlitz County have the responsibility to market this area for economic development. In 2010 the Cowlitz Economic Development Council came out with their Tip Strategy Report. Eight years later it is still sitting there. Instead of pointing fingers; why not dust it off and implement the plan.

What happened to the Costco and UPS-type distribution center proposals? These would be sustainable, growing, job-creating businesses.

I am so thankful we have an organization like Columbia Riverkeeper. Many jobs exist today because of their work ... fishing industry, tourism, and farmers are just a few. Being good stewards of our rivers is something we should all strive for.

Sandra Davis


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