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Letters to the Editor

Godly business

Is a class action lawsuit the only way to force the Washington State Police to enforce the speed law for 18-wheelers on Interstate 5? I called the state police and questioned the truckers driving in middle lane at 70 mph. They said, “The truckers can drive in the center lane by the state law.” I said the auto speed limit is 70 mph and the truck speed limit is 60 mph; that is on I-5 from the Canadian border to the Mexico border. How can it be safe for trucks to do 60 in a 70 mph lane?

The fact is they are speeding and not getting tickets. I have to wonder if they are allowed to break the law, why ticket auto drivers for speeding? On rainy days on I-5, trucks in the middle lane really produce safety problems. These truckers are also permitted to have 16 of their tires as recaps; they are blown all over the freeway and cause unsafe conditions.

The state patrol said by law they are not responsible for the loss of a recap, it is an act of God. I asked the state trooper when my windshield was taken out why I should have to pay? I really don’t think God is in the recap business.

M.L. Colburn Sr.


New blood

We need new people on our city council after seeing city council voting records. Amber Rosewood is educated, dedicated to our citizens, children and families. We have a chance to start turning this city around in favor of the citizens.

A vote for Amber Rosewood is a great start in the correct direction. The same old-same old just isn’t working here.

The city council meetings are not citizen-friendly and that needs to change. Please register to vote and vote to make things better here. Vote for the best choice — Amber Rosewood!

Sherry Davis


Long-term solution

In his recent letter in TDN, Bill Hallanger repeats the mistaken claim he made in his voters’ pamphlet argument against the Longview school bond, saying that it will result in “… almost no increase in the student school capacity.” The district’s Facilities Advisory Committee (of which I’m a member) concluded that elimination of portables should be a high priority. It proposed to boost the district’s “permanent capacity” by replacing portables with permanent classrooms in buildings.

Mint Valley, Northlake and Olympic schools currently have a combined permanent capacity of 769, assuming that I-1351 class size limits (of 17 students in K-3 and 25 in grades 4-5) are fully implemented. (The Legislature has mandated that K-3 class size reduction funding must provide a 17:1 student/teacher ratio, beginning in 2018-19.)

The bond would replace these three schools with buildings having a total capacity of 1470, or 771 greater than at present. As Mr. Hallanger stated in the voters’ pamphlet, “Portables should be considered a short-term solution…”

Please support the district’s long-range plan and vote “yes” for the bond.

Steve Powell


Obey the law

We have people running for city council (and other offices) that need to replace the people on the city council (and other offices) that do not enforce the law and collect the tax money for we the people. If the city and police would ticket the overweight trucks on Nichols Blvd at $416 each that would come out at 10 trucks a day for 365 days = $1,518,400.

Times that by five years, it is $7.592 million

We the people need the city and police department to stop overweight trucks from using Nichols Blvd and to start collecting the $416 fines for overweight trucks that the city/police refuse to collect the money that belongs to the people of Longview.

Nichols Boulevard is in desperate need of repair because of the overweight trucks have damaged our street. We need to vote them out and get new people who obey the law.

Nichols Boulevard is a residential street with three schools/crossing and no commercial businesses.

RCW 46.61.400 says that “Twenty-five miles per hour on city and town streets”; (residential streets). The speed limit now is 35 mph which to many drivers travel at 45-50 mph on Nichols Blvd which has to stop now. The RCW law says; Chapter 11.68; LOAD LIMITS — TRUCK ROUTES; Sections: 11.68.010 Load restrictions upon vehicles exceeding 14,000 pounds gross weight. (1) By reason of the construction of certain streets and their weight-bearing capacity, it has been determined that gross weight exceeding 14,000 pounds will cause serious damage to such streets.

Bob Klinefelter


A debt of gratitude

This letter is in response to all the linemen and men that work for our local PUD. I would personally like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all you do! From rebuilding our electrical infrastructure to the daily work you do to keep our homes lit up and warm.

I see you daily in sunny and extremely bad weather, working hard to supply us with the power we need to keep us comfortable.

I know sometimes we get mad at the high cost of power, but I don’t think we realize how hard you men work to supply us. I am one of those on a fixed income that sometimes struggles to pay those costs.

But I do appreciate your hard work and endless skills in tasks you perform. Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you all!

James E. McCoy


Vote Averett

Preston is a no-show. Preston has not attended a single port meeting or budget work session since he announced he was running against Averett.

He was a no show for a public debate . You would think he would be at port and budget meetings to be up to date on port issues and ask questions if needed. Sure, you can watch meeting on KLTV, but you can’t ask questions and be involved in the issues or decisions coming in the future. It’s always easy to use the ole Stop Taxes , bring in new business and create new jobs card.

Yet, he has not shown any interest to the public to date. Averett knows the port and issues and has been committed to the port and people of Cowlitz County, since was appointed commissioner two years ago. Don’t vote for a ghost, who hasn’t shown interest in the port or position. Vote for Averett who is very committed with his time to support the port and public.

Joe Abram


Trust Siipola

The citizens of Kalama have an important choice to make in this up coming election for the position of mayor. They have three candidates, each one with a different view as to how the city should move into the future. Of these three there is one candidate that I believe stands out above the rest, that is Rosemary Siipola. Rosemary brings to the table integrity, an understanding of how government should work along with the since of community that is needed to be a good Mayor. At the end of the day the one thing that the citizens of Kalama should be looking for in there next mayor is a candidate with one thing on there mind, what is best for the City of Kalama and its citizens. Make the right choice, vote for Rosemary Siipola a person you can trust to move the City of Kalama in the right direction for a bright future.

Mayor Pete Poulson


Appalled and thankful

As a citizen of Longview, I find it appalling, offensive and indefensible that our local county commissioners and city council members are willing and eager to expose Longview citizens to the nine unremittable adverse issues the Millennium Coal Project Environmental Impact Statement highlighted.

I am very pleased that the proposed Millennium Coal Export Plant received an extensive and thorough environmental impact review.

Thank God we did not fast track this project! Because of this extensive environmental review, we all know the true unavoidable and adverse impacts the project will impose on Longview citizens and many other state citizens.

I would like to thank the State DOE and DNR for denying the permit requests submitted by Millennium. I appreciate the state officials, now knowing the facts; have issued denials for the permit requests. By doing so they show a real genuine concern for the present and future wellbeing of Longview residents and the rest of the state that would be so negatively impacted by the Millennium Coal project.

Art Birkmeyer


Re-elect Nickerson

CJ Nickerson has spent a career in all phases of education, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to re-elect him to another four years of service to our students and our community. He believes students should be at the center of all decision-making and his work demonstrates that conviction.

Additionally, CJ is committed to working for early and meaningful involvement of teachers, parents and other stakeholders.

He focuses on options that best serve all our children’s needs. He is working to strengthen career and technical education in addition to providing challenging courses for college-bound students to prepare all our students for success after high school.

Please join me in re-electing CJ Nickerson to our school board. We need his expertise and leadership to tackle the many challenges facing us as we seek to provide a great education for Longview’s kids.

Cal Fowler


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