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The truth of the Pittsburgh carnage is that 11 older, respectful, honoring worshipers were killed only because they were Jews. Not rich. Not dangerous; They ranged from 54 to 97 years of age. Not planners, not agenda driven. Not well known or famous. Just. Faithful. Jews. That’s all the killer cared.

As has been true through the ages, there exists a strange deadly obsession with this tiny group. Hitler wanted them dead and turned an educated people against them. Hezbollah, Iran, skinheads, and the Palestinians seem infected with the same brutal malignancy.

How many scientific breakthroughs especially in the fields of medicine, hygiene, and nutrition have been brought to the world through the Jews? Hundreds, perhaps thousands that make our lives better, healthier, happier - far and beyond their numerical fair share.

Calls to boycott Jewish products fissile quickly when it’s realized millions depend on licensed drugs, procedures, devices, manufacturing & farming methods, art, poetry, literature, music; even water sourcing directly brought to us by a Jew.

So who’s to explain this hatred?

Ancient Judeo-Christian manuscripts teach us that the Jews are God’s chosen people; Chosen, special, set aside for historical purposes. Consequently they are hated by the devil and his demons, influencing the weak and evil minded to the point where murdering innocents tragically can become an agenda item.

God keep the Jews; A gift to the world.

Wayne Mayo


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