Addressing a "When We All Vote" event in Las Vegas several months ago, Michelle Obama said, "I've been voting since I was 18 years old ... I didn't know nothing about nothing ... You need to be a citizen ... that qualifies you to vote. And it is not that hard."

No, "it is not that hard" to vote — or to know "nothing about nothing" when voting. Much harder is to take the responsibilities of citizenship seriously — and that includes knowing something about something when voting.

In America, too many no and low-information voters have been deceived into supporting government-provided health care, housing, education and more, and their votes will change our constitutional republic into a socialist state unless this trend is reversed. Obviously, not enough Americans understand today that the "free stuff" promised by government must be taken from the American people by taxation.

If Michelle Obama were really interested in a better America, she would not advocate voting even when you "know nothing about nothing." Instead, she would challenge Americans to become fully informed before voting.

Jack Malone


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