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I just spoke with my good friend, Rodney, at Fallert fishing hole. He thinks the problem with the silver B run is due to the Fish and Game wiping out the A run fall chinook. Now that all the salmon holes are devoid of chinook, there is nothing to slow down the silvers. They are shooting up the river unobstructed. There is a conspiracy here.

We pay for license, tags. The hatcheries are doing a fine job releasing smolt. Taxpayers are paying to clip the adipose fins; the recently installed trap at Modrow is taking our salmon "chinook" and besides the few that go to food banks, they are being sold for dog food. Larry Brown shuttered Mahaffey's Store and moved away. It is hard to sell tackle and bait without a run to catch.

I would like to hear from Allen who manages the camp RV spots. I haven't seen but a few spaces for RVs being used. It is more economical to buy frozen cod and halibut than camp and fish a barren stream.

Think of all the money the state is losing as there are few fishermen to be ticketed for a multitude of Dos and Don'ts. When the chinook were plenty, all the turnouts were filled with fishing vehicles. 

Richard Carroll


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