I am responding to a letter from David Engel (The Daily News, June 29) complaining about FISH of Cowlitz County. Mr. Engel called a FISH volunteer requesting assistance with prescriptions and his PUD bill. He was told that FISH partners with four local pharmacies, and that he needed to call his pharmacy to transfer the prescription.

He refused and became verbally abusive, while demanding to speak to a supervisor. When the supervisor called him, Mr. Engel continued his hostility and hung up while she was explaining how FISH could help. Contrary to Mr. Engel’s letter, the supervisor immediately called the PUD to pay the balance of his $45.79 bill. FISH was unable to help with his prescriptions because he refused to work with the pharmacies that will bill FISH at discounted prices.

FISH, an all-volunteer organization, works with those in need with support of food, medication, propane, dental, optical, and more. Many of these services are not available from other agencies. Our recipients usually appreciate our efforts to help in emergency situations.

Bob Theriault, board president

FISH of Cowlitz County

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