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Letters to the Editor

Federal reserve

In response to the story “Rental projects undoing” on Page A1 of the Jan. 23 Daily News, the underlying major cause of higher costs is from our federal reserve bank policy of “quantitative easing” which flooded our economy with non-backed dollars in the recent past.

Incidentally, the federal reserve bank is not federal, does not really have any reserves and is really not a bank.

We soon will be faced with the loss of the dollar’s world reserve currency status for several reasons: 1.) the lack of confidence in its value by the world market, and this is already ongoing; and 2.) the Dinar coming onto the stage with a gold-backed crypto currency.

Then all the United States dollars held by foreign governments for past use in world trade (primarily oil) will come flooding back to our country creating massive inflation, possibly inflation like we have never seen.

Paul M. Shannon


Well said

I agree completely with Steve and Karen Harvey’s Letter to the Editor concerning the Humane Society of Cowlitz County and irresponsible pet owners.

Well said.

Having volunteered with the cats for the last four years, I see every week the care and love for the animals.

Cheryl Karr


Say no to bond

Why should Kalama residents vote to spend $64 million for upgrades to the schools?

They shouldn’t.

The Supreme Court mandated the state, not local school district taxpayers, pay for education, so why is the Kalama School District asking for this money? Because they can. They’ll say the state won’t pay for needed improvements, but that’s not what the court demanded in its decision. Why not demand the state pay for the upgrades?

Beyond that question, why haven’t all school districts with their powerful teachers’ union lobbied Olympia to allow school buildings to be built for 25 percent to 40 percent less than required by a law that could be changed? Perhaps you didn’t know that union power in this state demands ridiculously high wage costs be paid for school projects, resulting in a $64 million project that would cost a private business no more than $48 million, and probably much less.

Teachers and their unions will not fight to change this costly requirement because other unions tell them not to.

So. No on the Kalama school bond.

Art Hyland


Rosie the Riveter

I am impressed by writer Marissa Luck’s fine article on the recently deceased Naomi Parker-Fraley.

On May 27, 2017, this newspaper published Luck’s piece “Who was ‘Rosie the Riveter’?” that explained in thoughtful detail Cowlitz County’s connection to the famous 1940s poster “We Can Do It!”

After learning from the New York Times that Parker-Fraley had died in Longview, it was very satisfying to find that this newspaper explored the matter with such care. It makes me proud of my hometown.

Collin Robinson

Philadelphia, Pa.


It is certainly true that Bill Wager’s picture of the children enthralled with Mona Golabek’s mother’s story of “The Children of Willesden Lane,” (The Daily News, Jan. 26) speaks a thousand words.

Golabek’s production was enthralling and moving to all ages. Her theatrical presentation and beautiful music was beyond words.

Thank you Gian Morelli, Michael Carter and all the sponsors who made this educational opportunity available to our community.

Sara Spencer