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The Hood River-based Columbia Riverkeepers has hosted rallies in Kalama and Olympia and are opposed to Northwest Innovation Works' methanol facility. They give the impression that people in Kalama, where the plant is to be located, do not support the project. This simply is not true, and I believe their tactics are disingenuous. The last rally of theirs that I attended was quite revealing. Approximately 100 folks attended, and I discovered that only about nine or 10 were from Kalama. Three of us were in favor of the project. Most of the crowd was from Portland and other Oregon locations. They consisted of a few attorneys, and the remainder were activists. I live in Kalama, and I can tell you the overwhelming majority of people in Kalama support this project.

With zero liquid discharge, ultra-low emission technology and 100 percent mitigation of greenhouse gas they will produce, this is a plant that could easily be the safest in the U.S. and set a new standard for protection of the environment. Had they have been in business for the last Kalama school levy, their revenue would have paid for about half the entire school levy. Not to mention good-paying jobs with great benefits. Those are the facts. I grow weary of Oregon activists coming to my town to present a false narrative.

James McCoy


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