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Conservative Marc Thiessen's Thursday column argues that if Democrats won't fund a wall, they must agree to pay for everything required to provide border security without a wall. But the requested $5.7 billion is only a down payment on Trump's "Dream Wall." So the equivalence is only in Thiessen's head. This exposes a common thread in conservative arguments — that the press is biased and the media is full of "fake news." When your claims are so demonstrably false, and you vocalize them so loudly, you'll be perceived as, well, dumb. A big tax break will boost the economy and increase IRS revenue? Proven false. It's been tried before; tax breaks return at most 75 cents on the dollar, and now our country is $1 trillion deeper in debt. Mexico will pay for a wall? Proven false as well. Why should Congress spend money that the president made sure we do not have, on a wall that he promised Mexico would pay for? Which campaign promise was that?

Lawrence Studebaker

Castle Rock

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