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Letters to the Editor

Fair share

There is no “value” in Oregon’s tolling proposal for SW Washington citizens. They are adding zero new through lanes on Interstate 5.

There is no alternative route for Southwest Washington citizens. Furthermore, all side roads are already congested. Oregon has refused to add new lanes and capacity for three decades.

Oregon will spend $450 million at the Rose Quarter, but add no new through lanes. Half of that $450 million will be spent on “community redevelopment,” as they build two new “lids” and a bike/pedestrian bridge over I-5 at the Rose Quarter.

This is just a money grab that will only harm the working poor. They’ll be forced to pay expensive tolls and/or drive on the over-congested side streets, wasting even more hours in the nation’s 12th worst traffic congestion.

Oregon wants the 70,000-plus SW Washington drivers who daily cross the Columbia River to pay for Oregon’s infrastructure improvements. But these hard-working Washington citizens are already paying more than their “fair share.” In 2016, they paid well over $200 million in Oregon income taxes.

John Ley


How long?

I see our politicians are promoting crime by doing away with the death penalty. How many millions of dollars are being wasted yearly on people who should have been executed within one year of sentencing?

In Washington state, how long would it take if we executed one a day to not have anyone on death row including those who had their sentence commuted? Execution is a deterrent for one thing; they won’t get out and continue their life of crime.

Did any of our gun-hating politicians serve this country in any branch of the service or take U.S. history in school?

If it was not for guns, there would not be a U.S.A.

The gun is not the problem. If you make any weapon illegal, criminals will have weapons. Criminals don’t care about laws. We have enough gun laws but our courts don’t make examples out of people who use them in crimes against humanity.

LaVern E. Huff

Castle Rock

Let’s do this

My family has made Kalama our home and I strongly support Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW).

NWIW can set the example for creating family wage jobs while addressing climate change. NWIW will pay $57.9 million in taxes during construction and $30-40 million in annual taxes during operations.

This funding will help state and local governments meet the needs of our community.

During construction, NWIW will bring nearly $700 million in local spending on labor, goods, services, with over $620 million in direct economic impact. As the project moves into operations phase, $21 million in annual salaries will be paid, with a significant percent spent at local businesses. This level of local spending grows small businesses, increases land and property values and enhances the overall quality of life for residents.

We need the governor and folks to understand that by building this we can prove that we can make progress on climate change while creating family wage jobs for local communities. We have the opportunity to be the model for how we make progress. Let’s do this.

Rosemary Siipola



I want to thank the “mystery person” who found my purse in a shopping cart at Winco, Monday last afternoon. You took my purse to customer service counter. I’m impressed by your honesty and integrity.

I also want to thank the security officer and very nice lady in customer service who called and left a message that my purse was safe. With all of my heart thank you!

Kathleen Legarra

Castle Rock