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Letters to the Editor

Facts matter

I don’t mind opposing opinions, just claiming things that are untrue.

H.J. Res. 40 doesn’t do anything on its own. It prevents full implementation of a previous rule (not law) from the Social Security Administration, which in no way directly addressed mental illness issues. That rule reported ineligibility to purchase or own firearms to the NICS system based on use of a representative payee (something quite common, even for people with no mental illness or definite incapacity), or inclusion in a category of disabilities which are not necessarily related to mental illness or incapacity.

It was a heinous and terribly written rule, which evoked extreme opposition and would have resulted in endless, costly legal challenges anyway.

The Hearing Protection Act does exactly two things: eliminates the federal transfer tax on silencers, and removes the NFA licensing requirement for them. That’s it. Period. You can read the full text of both online.

Facts matter.

Kristin Guttormsen


Hiding something?

Do our lawmakers (other than Mr. Walsh) have something to hide? Sorry, any texts, email, or whatsoever of a lawmaker that effects the lives of taxpayers’ should be up for scrutiny. SB 6617 was mysteriously rushed though with no rebuttal too or against and sounds very suspicious to me. I will remember this next I vote for my district’s state representative, maybe everyone else should too.

Vicki Bateson


Poison in the air

We can stop carbon pollution by working with some experts. They are called trees and they use photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into sugar, cellulose and other carbon-containing carbohydrates that they use for food and growth.

Trees are unique in their ability to lock up large amounts of carbon in their wood and continue to add carbon as they grow.

Trees are under attack though. Whether you call it stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering, weather modification or chemtrails, the poison that is raining down on our soil, air and water is killing our trees. Trees are absolutely vital to human and animal life. They provide shelter, shade, clean air and also keep soil from eroding. They are also one of the biggest carbon sinks on the planet, along with our oceans.

Chemtrail damaged soil also means important microbes and bacteria that keep our trees healthy are killed. The foliage of our trees is looking sick and damaged all over the United States.

We must put a stop to this chemical poisoning and save our planet.

Kelin Ray


Feeling gouged

I am all for supporting schools and our communities, but a 20 percent increase in my taxes is outrageous.

When exploding assessments were being made last spring, my neighbors and I, along with TDN interviewers, were told by assessor’s office representatives that those exaggerated property values would not translate into exaggerated taxes.

That was apparently pacifying untruth.

Our local government (in step with the federal government) is seriously taking the pleasure from my retirement, while significantly gouging all citizens.

Steve Anglin

Castle Rock


I just returned from the Kelso City Council meeting. I was there because of information regarding the Humane Society of Cowlitz County. I am disappointed that the director was not present, but he didn’t attend the Longview City Council meeting either.

Several spoke of the deteriorating conditions and treatment of the animals (especially dogs). When comments were over, a council member essentially called them all liars. He spoke of his tour through the facility as nice, clean and no ill treatment noted. I know there are rooms and caged areas that are clean, but did he really see the “back” rooms?

I am very disappointed at the lack of feeling of the Kelso council. Most people are offering help, not trying to be difficult. We want the best for all the animals that enter the doors there.

Some of the ladies who spoke for the animals were referred to as overzealous. Really! Those who see these conditions will not waste time going to meetings and tell long tales, even if they are furry!

Milli Schaber