John Melink is running for Longview City Council, position no. 1. He is exceptionally well qualified to be a member of the council. He will bring fresh new energy, along with strong leadership. His background as an engineer, experience managing large budgets and groups of employees, in addition to skills in critical analysis, and future planning, uniquely equips him to be a valued elected official.

I find John to be a person of utmost integrity, goal oriented, and not easily distracted by matters unrelated to the tasks at hand.

He will also bring a distinctive blend of independence and cooperation, and a willingness to discourage the present practice of "a few influencing the vote of the many."

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We need new members on council who possess a compelling vision, and the insight and courge to bring needed change. John Melink is that person. Join me in voting for John on or before November 5th.

John Steppert


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