John Melink is an incredibly hardworking, extremely capable public servant who has eagerly volunteered for a variety of community activities during his many years as a Longview resident. Although soft spoken and humble, he is fair and effective and not afraid to stand up for causes he believes in while also capable of respectfully listening to others with differing ideas. He does this in a way that does not ridicule, demean, humiliate, or bully others.

While the TDN rates both candidates as qualified, I am disappointed that they chose to endorse the candidate they admit is “brash, too zealous, hostile to different opinions and does not treat people respectfully.” John’s opponent, Mike Wallin, has frequently been described by a wide variety of citizens as disruptive, condescending, rude, belittling and disrespectful to fellow council members, city employees and local citizens. It’s important for our city council to work together harmoniously and not waste precious time on trivia or personality clashes. We also can’t afford to lose the good city employees who are leaving their positions because they are fed up with Wallin's harassment. On a more practical level, Walllin's trashing of city employees in public and on social medial may well land the city in a significant hostile work place lawsuit.

If John can survive refereeing youth soccer and leave both sides satisfied with his job performance, he can handle most any situation and will make an excellent addition to our Longview City Council.

Nan Dodson


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