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This community, and many who live outside this community, are trying to influence what they feel is best for Cowlitz County.

Northwest Innovation Works has done exhaustive studies and once again, are challenged to perform an evaluation that no other industry has been asked to perform: a life cycle analysis of the impacts of a proposed project.

The study ranges from calculating greenhouse gas emissions of the diesel bulldozers preparing the site, emissions from the on-site power plant, to methane releases at the well head and along the pipeline.

NWIW has described everything about its project in the review process and the new greenhouse gas study confirms what the company has been saying. NWIW is offering to offset 100 percent of its in-state emissions – no company has ever offered to do anything close to that.

Still, the opponents to the methanol plant have nothing positive to say.

The evidence is plain. The life cycle analysis is a game changer. It’s time to close the book, let’s finish the studies and build the methanol plant.

Bob Gregory


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