I fully agree with Gloria Sanders’ recent letter on the dangers of anhydrous ammonia. This chemical is extremely hazardous and does not belong near any town, including at the Mint Farm here. The late-April anhydrous ammonia leak near Chicago resulted in 37 people being hospitalized, with seven in critical condition. People who were overcome felt like they were dying. It took hours for the huge toxic cloud to dissipate. Drivers could not see through it. People within a mile had to shelter indoors for hours. Some had trouble breathing, along with other symptoms. First responders went door to door to see if medical help was needed. A city economic development official recently gave a report to our city council on the same day as the Illinois disaster. Pacific Coast Fertilizer is working on environmental documents for permitting to build and operate at the Mint Farm. This is far too dangerous and must be stopped. Our city officials need to immediately end their support.

Donna Dishman


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