The Daily News ran an article in its Aug. 31 issue titled: "Study backs Methanol plant" (the web headline was "Final study: Proposed Western Washington methanol plant a net positive for greenhouse-gas emissions"). The study, paid for by proponents, used a figure for escaped methane which is nowhere near the 3.2-3.5% level generally accepted currently by scientists. It makes no sense to believe that increasing the amount of LNG, liquefied natural gas, entering Washington state by 38% will benefit our climate. LNG is mostly methane, a potent greenhouse gas which escapes easily. Use of LNG encourages shale-gas production by fracking. In an August 2019 Cornell University study in the scientific journal Biogeosciences, states that “we conclude that shale-gas production in North America over the past decade may have contributed more than half of all of the increased emissions from fossil fuels globally and approximately one-third of the total increased emissions from all sources globally over the past decade." Reputable organizations like Columbia Riverkeeper, Earthjustice, and Physicians for Social Responsibility aren’t fooled and nobody else should be.

Kristin Edmark

Battle Ground

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