If today's kindergarten teachers were interviewed, would their greatest challenge be child behavior? Just in recent time, a school district leader's greatest challenge for his district was pre-K behavior. The Daily News story from May 10 about lagging kindergarteners reveals a significant challenge to learning. Julie Brigman's description of some of the causes of lag includes ..."not being able to regulate their emotions." "A lot of times we do feel like we are backing up and doing more pre-school curriculum at the beginning of the year." This teacher and her peers deserves respect for and support for their efforts to educate unprepared children. A few years back, a local school had a padded confinement booth used for out of control students ... a drastic measure of a growing problem. J.D. Vance's "Hillbilly Elegy" interviewed an educator who said "they expect us to shepherd these kids when they've been raised by wolves."

The hard question for teachers, parents, prepared students, school boards, and communities is what is the core cause of unregulated behavior in pre-K children? We're fortunate so far, we do not have the streets of Portland with its out-of-control Antiva's and the like with their brand's of anarchy running loose.

Monty Gorley

Castle Rock

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