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Deaths from heroin in the U.S. in 2018, especially when spiked with fentanyl, are estimated at 29,000. That is greater than the yearly average American soldier deaths from 1965 to 1974 in Vietnam. The article in the Nov. 10 TDN went on to say that the fentanyl is produced in China and much of it is brought into the U.S. from drug lords in Mexico.

The popular opinion is to blame the pharmaceutical companies and doctors who prescribed pain reducing drugs in recent years for the problem. Much of the gun violence in the major cities is connected to the drug trade. This does not take into account the babies born addicted to drugs from mothers or the lives destroyed, and all the theft and other problems associated with drug use. We even had a violent death in the last two weeks, in Longview, connected to the delivery of illegal drugs.

To cut down on arresting and incarcerating drug dealers, there was a move in the last administration to make low level drug dealers considered nonviolent crimes. With 29,000 drug deaths last year, it is more like the drug dealers walking down the streets with an AR15 randomly firing at will. How many of the homeless are there because of drug use? Controlling our borders may not stop the flow of illegal drugs, but it could slow it down. We need to wake up to the reality of the drug problem in the U.S.

Kelly C. Niemi


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