I had to hold back a laugh when I read the article about asking the corps for a study on if the Cowlitz River needed dredging so as to help prevent future flooding. If you commissioners live in this county and don’t already know the answer to that question I would suggest you are out of touch, don’t have any common sense, and should not be running the county and asking for this study. What part of sand bars running more than half way across the river in many places don’t you understand? We don’t need a study, you need to ask for dredging to start ASAP. So don’t waste the $300K and do the job you were voted in to do. Flood stage is when the river rises to the level of its original banks without the dikes or any improvement, not when it floods. And it is almost always at flood stage due to the fact that the river bottom has filled in by many feet. It needs to be dredged like it was quite a few years ago clear up to at least Lexington to improve velocity and flow to keep the river scoured out. Open your eyes people and actually see what is going on around you in our county. 

W. E. White


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