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Letters to the Editor

Down the hole

Alice has jumped through the looking glass or insanity has reached the tipping point. The following are just a few reason to believe we are seeing the Mad Hatters Tea Party playing out:

The Olympic Committee has agreed that there will be no sex or gender standards in the 2018 Winter Olympics. I guess that means open competition, no male or female lines.

Antifa (anti-fascists) now use fascist violence to attack anyone they disagree with them.

You are racist if your against open borders or unlimited immigration.

USC is now thinking of changing the name Traveler for their horse mascot, the horse Tommy Trojan rides because General Lee’s horse was named Traveller.

An Asian sports broadcaster named Robert Lee was reassigned to avoid anger over Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Maxine and Nancy are considered sane and normal Congresspersons.

And, this is where it is all going, not done the “manhole” but the “maintenance hole,” aka sewer.

Odine H. Husemoen


Second chances

I read an article on “the box.” I would like to make an observation from first-hand experience.

Someone I know (several), just out of school, got into trouble. He now has a record and is required to check “the box.” He went to court, served his time, did all the meetings, UAs, lie detector test, counseling for the next year after 15 months in, and will be checking in and doing UAs, lie detector (on demand) for quite some time. He was lucky and had a job for nine months or so, but that business closed. So now he is back to looking. He got a call to apply, went to the interview, UA, physicals (two different) and passed all of the above, but they did a background check. And then he was told “no.” My point is he has done his time and continues to do what he has to. He really thought he was getting this job. He was qualified. He needs the chance to prove he is a good worker.

One company claims to be a Christian-run company and therefore cannot hire him back. I don’t think Jesus turned on those who made mistakes.

There are lots of people who have made mistakes, paid for their mistakes and could use a chance to be a law-abiding part of any community. In fact, there are several someones.

Just give them a chance!

Nancy Brandhorst


Low blow

Is it really true? If your last name is Lee, you can lose your job? According to the editorial of Aug. 25, that’s what happened to Robert Lee when it was decided someone might get their feelings hurt if he was permitted to broadcast at the University of Virginia football game. Have we really sunk that low?

I hope anyone with that “bullish” nature doesn’t sit back comfortably with hundreds of others and enjoy watching young men knock each other around, some to be injured with permanent physical problems, and call it fun. That college administration must really be running scared.

Gwen Boss

Castle Rock

Crosswalk crisis

I’ve written before on the subject of crosswalks in Longview. I just have one nagging question: How long? How long is it going to take before Longview stops people from dying or being hit in crosswalks? I live just blocks from where this last homicide occurred — I call it what it is. It’s one of the most preventable occurrences we have now. I spent a couple of months driving here while being honked at or screamed at for waiting at legit times for allowing people to cross the street. I’m not sorry for my small show of respect for someone just walking.

Longview wants to create a walking city. In my opinion, cleaning up crosswalks might be a good place to start!

Courtesy of your crosswalk commando.

Shawn Higgins