Why do people fight so hard to defend something, despite all the proof that it's a lie? Why believe a foreign country, one openly vying for power over the U.S.? What's it going to take? What more do you need to see before finally realizing the proposed methanol plant is not the "great economic booster" for Kalama and Cowlitz County that Northwest Innovation Works says it is?

Do we all want jobs closer to home? Absolutely! Do we want those jobs to come at such a disastrous cost? No. Those of us opposed to the methanol refinery aren't the enemy, we're your families, friends and neighbors; and we're fighting to protect everything we all love so much about Kalama. We're not against commercial or industrial businesses, we just don't want the long list of negatives associated with this refinery. I wish those supporting this refinery would forget what you heard from NWIW and look at all the facts with a fresh perspective. The claims don't add up. Kalama deserves better.

Jennifer Vinnard


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