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The world is too populated for the U.S. to be isolationists. We, as a united country, can select our partners to assist in controlling those dictators who want control of countries not capable of defending themselves. That is supposed to be the main function of the United Nations, which at one time did exactly that. However, the U.N. is no longer united. 

Religion appears to be on the rise as the only hope for salvation. A two-party system brought us over 200 years of hardship, war and disease. But we stood together as one nation under God and prospered. We are now a three-party entity that includes the United States, Russia and China. Combined, that equals more atomic weapons than needed to destroy the world.

Unless both political parties can once again combine their efforts to make the United States a desired partner of Russia and/or China, which have complete control of their populations, the U.S. may be the underdog. Our current government, employees of its citizens, need to once again make our country the United States of America and not the Divided States of America.

Pete Slempa


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