Letters: Disordered

Letters: Disordered


So, why did Donald Trump insist on having a political rally in Tulsa, Okla, exposing hundreds of people to the COVID-19 virus? The answer: To glorify himself. He is a narcissist.

Donald Trump exhibits nearly all of the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), a mental illness.

I came to this conclusion by going on the internet and doing a search, comparing NPD symptoms with the characteristics that Trump has exhibited during his presidency.

To see a list of the symptoms and come to your own conclusions, I invite you to go to the internet and do a search. Type in: narcissism symptoms mayo clinic. Then scroll down to Narcissistic Personality Disorder-Symptoms Mayo Clinic and read. Now you can see what makes this guy tick and the reason for his behavior.

My point is that having this illness, Donald Trump is unfit and unqualified to be the president of the United States.

Let's "Dump Trump" in 2020 and make our country great again.

Dennis Johnson

Ocean Park

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