Technology today could allow everyone to vote on everything. If citizens voted on all of the government decisions and policies (as some think we should), it would destroy the country. Would a majority of people support a higher gas tax? Higher property taxes? A state income tax? Any tax increase? History tells us the majority would try to reduce taxes at every opportunity. What about social programs like universal health care? Free college? Aid for the homeless? The majority probably would support these. Existing social programs probably would be expanded. The result would be huge budget deficits and eventual government bankruptcy. Legislation needs to address many complex circumstances. Most people would not take the time to inform themselves of the nuances and possible unexpected consequences of proposed legislation. The media would be in control of what gets passed into law by telling people how to vote. Be thankful we have a constitutional republic where we try to elect sensible representatives to legislate on our behalf and beware of the candidates promising “free stuff.”

Dan Myers


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