First, let me thank The Daily News for publishing the amount of money being spent on the city council races It clearly shows that if you want to run for these offices, you need deep pockets. Second, it puts to rest the issue of "non-partisan" and clearly shows which party supports which candidate. None of these people are non-partisan. It is sad that city politics has to be about party politics.

Today's (Oct. 31) paper has an article involving those city politicians advertising their opposition to the state gun laws. I voted against those laws and oppose them also. My question is how do they affect city politics? In my opinion, they don't; it's just a right wing ploy to sway voters.

Sad, it would seem that those putting out that ad will stop at nothing to get your vote. Ah well such are the politics of the right. It's O.K. to deceive as long as it suits your purpose.

Dale Davis


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